When planning the transport section of your special wedding day, you need to consider a few things:

For simplicity let’s just deal with family members & Bridesmaids.

In retrospect this seems obvious, so we wanted to share it with you so you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

You have all arrived at the church. Bridesmaids, yourself, your dad all in the Classic Wedding Car together. You have had a great gossip, some excited giggles, have confirmed the order to walk down the aisle and are all set.

We fast forward and ceremony is now over so who goes where and when?

Think about the practically of the day..

Your Mum and Dad

One is going to be in floods of happy tears and the other reaching for the sherry to calm their nerves (you would be surprised you can never really tell which way around this will be! ) You decide your mum & dad need a taxi to the reception, great idea.

But what about the Bridesmaids?

It’s not very romantic with the in the car with you on the way to the Reception with your Husband or Wife. You could try to check with Uncle John and Aunty Mildred to see if they are going to have a space for Katie and maybe Sarah can go squeeze in with the Jones’ from number 28. Oh Claire can go with her new boyfriend (has he even got a car? Will they all get to the reception in time to greet you and help you (and your dress) get out of the car?

Save yourself hours of preplanning and juggling by getting all the bridesmaids in taxi too.

So that is Who and Where sorted, but When?

Most Vicars advises you the ceremony takes roughly 45 minutes. So great, you think to yourself, lets book the taxi for everyone 45 minutes or maybe an hour after the ceremony starts.

Not the best of planning…. What happens if you are late, & the ceremony starts late? What happens if you decide you want more photos than planned outside the church or you have to wait 5mins for the rain to pass.

The taxis arrive at the designated time.

This is the one time they are unlikely to ‘just around the corner’ and ‘will be there in 5 mins!’
The clock is running and if you all leave 20 minutes later. They are a taxi company they will start the clock running and be charging you waiting time.

Who is going to pay that additional charge? Will the Bridesmaids have extra cash on them? I doubt it.. No room in there dresses for anything else!

Plan timings, warn the taxi company it is a wedding & they may need to hang around longer. Book them for an hour after the service starts, instead.

Agree a figure to pay them in advance.

Look out of the box, don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself or anyone else.

Enjoy your day.