Wedding Outfits for the Bride

The stunning eye opener you walk down the aisle wearing…

Wedding outfits for the bride – long and flowing with the lace veil you have always dreamed of.
When that absolutely amazing ring has been put in your finger, it is all systems go for a Bride. Date, venue, photographer, and then the dress. Now most Brides know exactly what they want, style, colour, design, long or short. So off to try some on with those helpful Bridesmaids.
What are the other options? Have it made, some Brides think this is an expensive option, but there will then only be one like your dress in the whole world, and no they don’t cost the earth.

The one has been chosen… It is then ordered, and you have at least three fittings prior to the Wedding, in case you lose some pounds or put them on.
What will the other half think of your choice? What do you wear under it? Zip or buttons for the fastenings?

Dress for the Season

I had a dress ready, but when we decided on a winter Wedding, the dress was out of the window.
White suit time, was my decision, so help was needed for everything to go with it.
First call was the lovely Sarah van Dort, thank you for the help, and ideas. Sarah put shoes, hats and designs together. We met up and talked, tried some things on. She made me feel wonderful.

The white suit… It arrived from an online place… Oh dear, it was soo wrong. A few weeks before on a FB page for Brides, a Bride was asking for details of ladies who altered wedding dresses. I screen shot the answers, and thought no more about it.
Wow I needed help, it was too big, baggy, and I knew something had to be done, but no idea what!! I normally wear black from M&S, it’s just easier!
I made a mad panic call on the Friday before the Wedding to the most amazing lady I have ever met, Kerry J Tuckett of The lady is a god send, and saved me from going shopping in Reading four days before the Wedding.

Beautiful bride
Try a hat for your wedding

Feel Special

The hat was from Amazon! Something different…
The flowers on the hat were totally stunning and a great idea.

The size of your dress can determine which wedding car you should choose. My wedding outfit was easy to accommodate, but it’s worth thinking about. Will the dress fit in? Do the doors open enough to get in and out elegantly? That childhood dream car could be a true fairy tale style wedding car. With its classic and elegant style the four door Beauford wedding car will be the perfect transport on your wedding day. Always go and see the cars so you can make the correct decision for your Special day. Do the Bridesmaids, and your Mum need a car as well? We are experienced and are always happy to talk to you about what you might need. If you have any questions about your wedding transport we’ll be happy to hear from you, we want to make your day extra special.

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Happy bride and groom