Horse and carriage

If you’re planning your wedding and you want something different, to really make an entrance, you might choose a horse and carriage. A beautiful way to arrive to the church or reception. It doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t want a wedding car as well.

Whilst the horse and carriage is undoubtedly an amazing way to travel it’s not always the most practical solution. Once you’ve arrived at the venue you will want your transport to wait for you whilst the wedding ceremony is taking place. This is fine if you have a beautiful wedding car, but a horse may not be able to wait around. (It’s not really like parking a car!). Also a horse pulling a carriage cannot travel long distances, normally they only go 4 miles or so. It’s also worth considering a horse and carriage won’t be able to travel at the high speeds that you find on many of our roads, and may need to take a different route to avoid any fast flowing traffic.

Transport combinations

We attended a wedding with a fairy tail horse and carriage this week. The bridal party had the good sense to also book us for the wedding transport, so that once they’d arrived the horse and carriage could return to their stables to be taken care of, whilst we had transported the bridesmaids to the venue, and were happy to wait for the bridal party.

There are so many options for wedding transport, you are able to have both the traditional horse and carriage, (or maybe arrive by boat, or motorcycle, whatever you’ve always wanted!) as well as the beautiful vintage wedding cars that are reliable with experienced chauffeurs, so you know that there won’t be any problems.

As you can see from the photos our car complimented the styling of the carriage, so everything looked great together.

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