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Wedding Guest Numbers

Times have changed, as we all know over the past year or so. Wedding guest numbers have gone from 70 – 300 to at present 30 maximum including the Bride and Groom. Is this too small? Or was 150 too many?
When it is a big Wedding, who do you invite? Family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours? Where does it stop? Day guests, evening guest, the list goes on and on, and you have to pay per head for each one of those guests…

Small can be perfect

Smaller number weddings can be great, there are several reasons why you might choose to have a small wedding that have nothing to do with covid. Less cost, more privacy or you have been married before and don’t want the hassle of organising a big wedding, and you just want to be together. For all of these reasons a smaller event is perfect. You can introduce everyone to everyone else, chat, and have less stress.

A bride and groom want to share their special day with as many people as possible, to say those two magic words. Organise a family event, picking all of the entertainment, clothing, the amazing colour scheme and so much more.
But is it all too stressful? Is it to expensive? Is it too over the top?
Of course it is not if it’s what you want. It is how we celebrate, get together, as we have done for millions of years.

small wedding
bride and groom

Less stress

So let’s be positive for a while, we are able to have weddings, with our nearest and dearest. Other guests who were not able to attend can watch it on Zoom, not the same admittedly. But another way of celebrating and sharing the day.
So from what we see, chauffeuring the cars. It’s the time to make sure Dad has his speech before he gets in the car. And lots of Grooms are a lot less stressed at the moment with smaller wedding numbers, as they do not have to stand up in front of lots of people, to speak.
We are also finding that with smaller wedding numbers, we are still one of the services that brides and grooms are still booking. Everyone wants the beautiful wedding cars to arrive in style, perfect for wedding photos that can be sent to those people you can’t invite. We offer the same professional service for no matter how many passengers we transport.

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