Arrive in style in the car of your childhood dreams.

Wedding car transport. Most brides want to turn up in a horse and cart, something from a childhood dream, fairy tale. It is not always possible, as they only travel for a certain distance. So what are the options for wedding hire cars? Well there are many. Old, new, modern, stylish, elegant and much, much more..

Do you need to consider how the Groom is getting to the Ceremony? Make sure he is there in good time? Mum, Bridesmaids, do they get an Uber or a vintage Uber?

Wedding Horse and cart

What is your style, a Sandy and Danny car from Grease, a gangster car, or a plush modern car? Whose responsibility is it to transport the Groom and his men, and the bridal party?

At the end of the day, it normally depends on preference. Do you want everyone to arrive together? Or does it not really matter. The only thing I will remind you of, is that the most special man in your life (up to now) is your Dad. He has gone to the Ceremony with you, held you hand, put you at ease, and now you are married. Do not forget to make sure he has transport or a seat in someone’s car to the reception…

Do you have a wedding theme or colour scheme?

Ask the Chauffeur to wear a tie to match your colour scheme. Match the bows and ribbons on the car or chosen transport to your colour scheme. Jazz it up a bit, use the transport, have pictures with them, make the most of them for your wedding album. As you can see from the pictures below we love to join in with a theme, in this case it was a Harry Potter theme.

Wedding hire car with Hogwarts logo
Chauffeur in theme dress

Our Wedding Hire Cars

Our vintage wedding car Mr B (the big 1920’s Bramwith Limo) has seven seats, which makes it very popular as you can save money by hiring one car for the entire bridal party. Why not have one of the matching cars to transport the Bride?

True Fairy Tale Style Wedding Car in Berkshire. With its classic and elegant style the four door Beauford wedding car will be the perfect transport on your wedding day. Affectionately known as Belinda she is Mr B’s (the big 1920’s Bramwith Limo) little sister. She is just perfect for the Bride and her father going to the church and the bride and groom heading to the wedding reception.

With its cream leather interior, and cream fluffy rug our Badsworth is the perfect car for your special day, and is a slightly different choice to either of the other cars. The cream and maroon body colour is slightly different to the other cars, but shows a Brides dress up really well in photos, thus making the Bride centre of attention on her fairy tale day.

Our Modern, stunning and elegant, four seater Range Rover, is known as Rosie. She has been used for the Bridal party, especially children who need isofix seat belt fixings in a car. This car can also take the Bride and Groom, so she is very versatile. With cream interior, air conditioning, and stunning looks, she works well with the other cars, so your whole party can arrive together.

Wedding hire car with bride and bridesmaids

We have everything you need to arrive in style. If you’re unsure about anything please just ask, we’d love to hear from you!

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