The Magic of the 1920s: Car Hire, Dresses and Unique Ideas for a Vintage Wedding

What do you think of when we talk about the 1920s?
To many, it’s a time of flappers and jazz, bootleggers and rebellion, prohibition and women’s rights. We prefer to think of it as a magical time where women were ladies and men were gently respectful, where the beauty and reverence of love and romance abounded, and the purity of yesteryear was still treasured by most.
It’s for this reason that we stay in the business of 1920s car hire for weddings and other special events.
If we can help to recreate a time of delicate opulence, rarity and beauty then we’ve achieved our goal.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely considering a 1920s, or vintage theme for your wedding. We’d love to contribute to the occasion and invite you to explore the various elements of this charming era with us.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

The word “vintage” has been used with reference to dresses, cars, furniture and even technology. The question here is, what does it mean to you?

Perhaps the term means pulling your great grandmother’s dress out of storage. Is it a particular style – such as a figure-hugging mermaid dress or a modest, dropped waist Gatsby look? Or maybe it simply means lots of lace, pearls and soft flowing fabric all put together to make you feel like a princess.

Whatever your preference, you’ll be thrilled to know that you have a tremendous amount of choices open to you.
For example, Abigail’s Vintage Bridal offers an online shop in addition to their physical office in Rutland, so you can scroll through the, quite frankly, fascinating range of vintage bridal dresses.

“We are absolutely privileged to spend our days looking for, restoring and altering to fit some of the most fabulous original vintage wedding dresses available. From exquisite Edwardian lace through 1930s silks and onto the drapery of the 40s and the New Look of the 50s, we have one of the most comprehensive collections in the country and we take huge pleasure in showing them to brides to be.” ~ Abigail’s Vintage Bridal

Rochelle Yates

I know, some of our brides to be may be on a pretty tight budget. But that doesn’t exclude you from enjoying the inspired creations of the past. Did you know that Oxfam’s online shop offers a whole section of vintage wedding dresses?
“Buy your dream wedding dress for less, from second-hand to new we stock a range of designer gowns along with bridal accessories, bridal shoes and outfits for grooms and guests.”
We were very surprised to see the range available, and the affordable pricing options!

1920s Car Hire

A 1920s vintage themed wedding would be totally incomplete without the 1920s car. Hire one of our speciality vehicles and you’ll understand why they are such a popular choice for weddings.

Consider this fine old gentleman; the 1920s Vintage Bramwith Limo. (We call him Mr B)
Stately and fine-boned, immaculately preserved and quietly impressive, Mr B is one of our most popular choices.
It’s not hard to see why!

We’ve often been asked why so many brides place such emphasis on the arrival vehicle. Well, it’s simple.
Your wedding car is not a “lift to the venue.” Good heavens, no!
Your wedding car sets the tone for the entire event; it is the first time guests and photographers will catch a glimpse of the fairy tale princess within.
As you roll around quietly, ensconced in the understated elegance of this luxury vehicle, the wedding dreams that you’ve carried with you from the time you were 10 years old will become reality.
Of course, if vintage is what you want, then your choice of 1920s vehicle will certainly matter.

Unique Ideas for Vintage Weddings

You have the dress and you have the car – what else would you need to create the perfect environment that speaks to the 1920s lady within you?
Well, this is where you can really have some fun.
Oh, the fun you can have with the wedding invitations.
Choose aged paper and lace or be bold with a shiny black card with gold print. Look at some of the ideas we found!

Portia Nicklin

Table Décor

The 1920s offers a thrilling array of table décor options. Think feathers, gilded glassware, black and gold contrasting place settings, lace, crystals and – of course – champagne!

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake needs no introduction, but a vintage styled cake is bound to provide a talking point. From a subtle and understated lace finish to a stunning creation of pastel-hues and soft icing flowers – it really is an exciting project to undertake.

Catherine Scott at Celebration cakes

In Conclusion
Brides to be, this is such an exciting time for you.
While we can offer pointers and refer service providers, we know that the final choices for your wedding rest with you. However, where we can assist is with your 1920s car hire.
Call us to reserve Mr B for your wedding. We’d love to be a part of your most special day.