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On that day that you have been looking forward for so long, your fiancée becoming your long-life partner forever. What do you wear? Should you be given the choice as the groom to choose what to wear? Some men love suits, some men hate them, and would prefer to turn up in shorts. On your wedding day, let’s go for elegant, handsome, stunning, striking, and making a statement.

Traditionally, grooms wore top hat and tails, but now it has all changed a little.

Dapper is the name of the game. Do you need to all match? Would it be a good idea that everyone knows who the groom is? Some guests may not have meet him before, so should he wear slightly different colours to the Groomsmen?
This might sound like a weird way to explain it, but as a chauffeur when you turn up to collect the groom and his men it can be tricky. They are all dressed the same way, there have been several occasions where I have had to ask which lovely gentleman is the groom.

grooms outfits
Grooms outfit

Grooms Outfit

So slight differences or stay the same? At Bens wedding he wore a different bow tie colour to the rest, at Busters they all wore the same. At ours, my husband had the tweed suit, and the boys had the waist coat to match so you could tell the difference. Our suits came from Black Tie in Crowthorne for our special day. Thank you for the guidance and help we needed to choose which looked best, fitted best, and had all of the matching shoes and fine details. Great customer service, years of knowledge, and experience, nowhere better to go.

Wedding suit

Obviously, whichever way you decide to go, you will always looking stunning turning up in one of our amazing vintage wedding cars, Mr B, the 7 seater Bramwith is usually the choice for the groom and his men. If you would like more information about our stylish wedding cars please complete the form below, we will be happy to help!

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