Can my business run without me?

Every business owner has at some point had the question put to them, can their business run without them?

Until now, we would definitely have said NO.

But recently we both had Covid, and we could not chauffeur. How are we supposed to cope with that?
What would you have done? Can your business cope and run without you? What would you have done in our situation?

Chauffeurs Needed!

There are different parts to all businesses.  In this business it’s definitely the driving part that needs good people to be involved. It’s obviously very important to have reliable, experienced chauffeurs to ensure that all of our weddings go without a hitch. We had three wedding cars out on one day. What were we going to do? We cannot drive any of them…
So phone call time. We needed two extra Chauffeurs. Phew all sorted in a very short period of time. The Brides will be fine, as they trust our service, and reputation. So all was good…
Car keys was the next hurdle. How do we get them all keys and hats without passing on the virus? Envelopes in weird places in our garden. Now that’s sorted!

reliable wedding chauffeurs
chauffeur driven car

Great People

Luckily over the years, the staff and chauffeurs have been well trained. They know exactly how we want things carried out on a wedding, and what to do. They have to do a certain number of hours with Natalie, first on joint weddings, then are given local weddings to start with in the automatic. We also show when to take photos, and how to do the best they can for the happy couple on the day. Training as to how to take the roofs of the cars off and much, much more.
It is still really worrying, scary and nerve-racking for us whilst they are out in our cars. We had no sleep the night before, and weren’t happy until we knew the weddings had gone smoothly. We care about our customers and always want to provide a great service, no matter what.

The Chauffeurs were amazing, arrived where they should be at the correct time, and all looked smart and ready to look after their wedding party. We ensured everything went smoothly by doing a dry run the day before. All cars are kept full of fuel at this time of the year, so no worries there. We had the cars immaculately cleaned before the Chauffeurs turned up, so everything was safe and ready for them.
What a great team. So our business can run without us, but only just!
So can you now leave your business to run itself?
We feel a little more tweaking and putting more measures in place, and most definitely it’s a yes. This is because our customers are more important than any member of our team. When you book with us you can be sure that we will take care of everything, no matter what happens.

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