We all remember the days of the bride arriving in the car at the church with her dad in the back of the car calming her nerves as the groom waits patently down the aisle with his best man.

Well as with everything times are changing. With the new trend of getting married at the venue, the bride will generally stay there the night before thus it’s then not always necessary for the bride to have a Wedding car to arrive in.  This can also mean that there is then no car after the ceremony for the photos.

This is where we help start the new trend.
Grooms are just as nervous as Bride’s so let the groom arrive in style, with elegance, & stress free and his nerves are controlled prior to the big ceremony.

By providing the Groom with a car to the location you can ease his worries, he can have a glass of bubbly to steady his nerves, & he arrives in style with this Groomsmen party. (There is nothing like a bit of boyish banter to distract him from forgetting his words. The conversation the boys have can be really funny, from how dodgy the curry was the previous evening, to have you shaved your nasal hair.)

Groom enjoying the ride to his wedding
So guys, if you have got the drive to marry the girl of your dreams make sure you have the right drive to get you there in style.

To find out more about our ‘Just for the grooms men deal’ or ‘ our ‘Photos only package’ contact us via the form below.  We are here to help you have the best day and lasting memories by providing just what you need.