Wedding Rings

His & hers matching gold rings, to be tagged together forever. The statement you wear everyday.
Diamonds, pearls, gold. It is a mine field to decided what to have. Has the other half surprised you with a proposal of marriage? White gold with diamonds… How do you then choose your wedding ring?
Go and try on rings, see what matches. Do you use the same jeweller that you bought the engagement ring from? I would say yes, then they match together.
We always say our hands are pale and it does not match. It will be fine, trust me, I felt the same.
What about your other half? Are they going to wear a ring? Should they match? Consider if they work manually, in case they lose it.

Wedding rings
Mold for jewellery

Shopping for Jewellery

Our wedding ring hunt was great fun, and I even got another gift to go with it! Fanci fine Jewellery – we met at a wedding fair. Being in the industry we had lots of jewellery companies to choose from. Hubby saw a ring he liked, that was it. All sorted.

Making Everything Fit Perfectly

The way they take your engagement ring, use an amazing machine to take many images of it, so you can have your wedding ring molded around it perfectly. They send you a rubber model, so you can try it before it is made.
I even had as a gift my stunning Diamond pendant.

Diamond pendant
Wedding and engagement rings

What Happens If We Change Our Minds?

We did change our minds once on one of the items, and their guidance and advice was great. We went on a few occasions to see them so we could try them on at stages within the process.
Another thought. What about insurance? Have Fanci do an insurance valuation for you, it even comes with pictures of the rings for you to keep on file, if it is ever needed.
REMEMBER, on your special day you will be hot, you fingers will swell up, but do not fear, it does not last long. Happy hunting for that statement piece.
The service is second to none, would highly recommend this company. We will be going back for more items in the future, I would love another ring, but for the other hand…

To see Fanci Fine Jewellerys website please click here.