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Hooray..30 people… Weddings are back

The “C” word, & the “W” word..

So Coronavirus stopped them, but now Weddings are back. Admittedly in a small number of only 30 people, including photographers etc, but they are back…

At least now you can tie the knot with the man or lady in your life. The one you love, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It seems to have been years having to wait for this announcement, but it is finally here, and it was only a matter of months. Hair, makeup, cake, wedding car, photos, dress, suit, rings, all the standard items and more on your special day, everything can now be arranged again.

bride and groom
distanced wedding guests

So what has changed other than the amount of people able to attend your wedding?

Possibly the location of your Reception. Also how many cars you have, whether you have decided to split the Ceremony, and Reception into different dates.
Whatever you have decided to do, you have done it together, as new decision make by both of you. The final choice as single people, before you start the next step in life.

Our first Wedding happened with just 16 guests, at a local church. The Bride and Groom had our 7 seater car, so lots of social distancing happened. The wedding reception was in the brother of the bride’s garden, it was a lovely family celebration. Weddings are special whether they are big or small. Lots of new ideas to consider when catering/entertaining at your home.

Many congratulations to all those happily married newlyweds. 2020, the year that will stay in our memories forever, for many reasons. To read more about the new rules please click here.