Why does the Wedding car at the end of an Asian, Indian or Hindu wedding drive over a coconut?

The crushing of the coconut (a symbol of good luck and purity) by driving over it. When the Brides brothers and cousins push their car from behind they wish her luck by pushing the happy couple towards a joyful life.

A Hindu wedding for example can be celebrated over many days. Within that time period, they welcome many guests, friends and relatives, and have many different forms of transport.
The wedding car in a traditional form, is normally the last different style of transport to follow with tradition.

Hindu tradition crush coconut
Bindi on chauffeur

Important Traditions

The Chauffeur will sometimes have a red dot (bindi) and rice put between their eyes, red dots on the car wheel, and then the moment of truth with the car driving over the coconut… It takes skill to get this right. At Always Chauffeur we have done this many times, with great success.
Another interesting part to a Hindu wedding is that the Bride and Groom are tied together.

The Saptapadi is an important ritual in North Indian Hindu weddings. During the Saptapadi, the newlyweds have their garments tied together—typically the bride’s veil and the groom’s sash. In South India, the couple walks seven steps together to signify their friendship. In North Indian tradition, they make seven circles around a ceremonial fire, each round signifying a specific blessing they request of the gods. The main significance of the Saptapadi is establishing friendship, which is the basis of a Hindu marriage.

So the big job for the Chauffeur of the Bride and Groom is that they are very careful when helping the happy couple into the car, as they are tied together. Obviously they need to get in together, which sometimes is challenging, but always accomplished with care.

Hindu wedding party
Beautiful bride and groom
Hindu bride and groom

We love to join in with wedding traditions from around the world. Anything to wish the happy couple good luck, health and happiness.

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