Dogs at Weddings – Planning

It’s the day of your dreams, you have planned it for months and months. Everything needs to be perfect. Lists are made, ideas of how you want everything to run on the day. People have been asked to do jobs for you. Food all tasted and ordered. Timings are worked out, and so much more to make your day just as you want it.

Including everyone

But who will you not see very much that day, that you would normally chat to when you are cooking dinner, walk their legs off before you go to work, have everywhere with you in your life?

Your very the faithful and loved unconditionally, favourite pooch.

So how do you get your dog into your special day?
There are many ways, you could get a friend or relative to go and get them and bring them to see you. Maybe you could have a dog walker bring them over.
You could have a special area built with a bed, toys etc. for them at the reception.
Do you have them with you on the way to the Ceremony in the car?
Will they get tired, too much attention from other people to overwhelm them?
So how can you make sure they see you, but you and your best fluffy friend can get the best of both worlds?

dog in wedding suit
dog in wedding photo

At Always Chauffeur we have had dogs attend a wedding in two different scenarios so far.

Two have been fetched from home after the Ceremony at the Church or venue, so they can see the bride and groom, then the dogs have been taken home. One even wore a little suit!

But remember they can have dirty feet, so be careful of your dress…

The other wedding where dogs attended they were bought over by the parents of the Grooms. Then the Grooms walked down to the Ceremony with their dogs, the dogs both had chairs to sit on whilst the Ceremony took place. Afterwards, many photos with the dogs, then they were taken home.

Lots of ideas to have your best four legged friend with you to celebrate your special day. Remember they need doggy care until you or someone else gets back from the day of your dreams.

At Always Chauffeur we love your four legged friends, and will go out of our way to ensure that your wedding is just how you want it to be.

Dos at weddings

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