Classic Wedding Car Hire Solutions to Bridal FAQs

We, at Always Chauffeur, have put together a list of the top seven concerns brides have repeatedly expressed, hoping they will put your mind at rest. Take a look:


The pragmatic bride wants every contingency covered, so we are often asked a few ‘what if’s, such as;

‘What if the car selected malfunctions on the day?’
‘What if it was in an accident the day before?’
‘What if the chauffeur calls in sick?’

Have no fear, should mechanical or unexpected problems occur for you choice of classic wedding car, we will get it fixed before your special day to fulfil your personal requests. Remember too, that we have other cars and other qualified chauffeurs we can supply on the day, if the unexpected happens.


This is one of the foremost matters to talk over right from the get – go when first booking a wedding hire car. Over the ensuing months, as more plans come together, keep us, the classic wedding car hire people, in the loop.

Three days before the wedding day is the perfect time to confirm everything. Your classic wedding car (or cars) will always be 15 minutes early and all attending chauffeurs will have been brought on board for the final arrangements before the day.


We’re good but not that good.

The weather has a mind of its own in the UK as you well know. But we are determined not to let it spoil the fun. We will assist on a practical level with your wedding plans and park as close to the venue as possible. Plus, we supply umbrellas, which may we add, have proved fabulous photography props.
(Friends comes to mind!)

If the weather changes to good or bad, we can also decide at the time in conjunction with the Bride and Groom what we do with the convertible roofs –
either way, changes are dead easy.

4. Ribbons & Bows

An inevitable bridal question is always; “Can we have different colour ribbons, & bows on the cars?”

But of course! We will supply what colour you request, at no extra cost. Or, should you wish to supply your own, we will put them on for you.

5.Extra fuel charges

Ah, we don’t want our brides and grooms to worry over this. The price we agree between ourselves is the price for everything, including fuel & mileage. In
short, no extra charges are applied to your bill whatsoever.


6.Baby Seats

Not as infrequent as one may imagine for wedding hire cars, we are often asked: “Can we put a baby seat in the car?” Okay, so for the first time, the answer to this one has to be ‘No dear.’ These wonderful old classic wedding cars have the older type seat belts, or lap belts mostly, that do not have so much reach in them. That is why we offer our luxury Range Rover to transport children safely, complete with Isofix seat belt fittings.

And problem solved!

7. Charges to make amendments to the booking form

We’re going to make this a second, but very vehement, ‘No!’. Always Chauffeur does NOT charge for amendments to your booking form. Be duly warned though, because others do, and it can be up to £70 added before you know it.

Vintage and Classic Wedding Car Hire Options

Everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding day transport differs. The universal truth, however, is that we want our bridesmaids and groomsmen to arrive in absolute style.

Always Chauffeur – yours truly, proudly and in no particular order, hereby introduce you to the team that can transport your loved ones in comfort and

  • The 1920’s Bramwith 6-seater Vintage Convertible Bridal Car – a 6-seater bridal party classic vintage wedding car hire is strikingly special in many ways. The doors open fully back so there’s no hassle getting in and out in your bridal gown. The rear part of the roof folds down to provide that quintessential convertible look and feel. Nostalgic grace and show-stopper quality gets the heads turning.
  • The 4-door Beauford – with the same style and elegance as the Bramwith for smaller bridal groups or in tandem with it for larger weddings. This stunner can go full convertible, or we can leave the roof on if you prefer. Either way, she makes for a truly spectacular car to arrive in on your special day.
  • The 3-seater Badsworth-with its cream and maroon body colour makes exceptional photographs that show off the bride’s dress as no other classic wedding car hire does. Dad and bride can be chauffeured to the wedding and the bride and groom can take it over once they’ve tied the knot. NB: For any weddings taking place between Sunday and Thursday each week until 31st August 2020 we are offering a 10% Discount (just mention #BadsworthSundayThursday when you make your enquiry)
  • The 4-seater Range Rover-which we’ve mentioned is more modern but still a classic. Its white exterior and luxurious cream, air-conditioned interior is perfect for the other VIPs of all ages to arrive at the same time as the bridal car.

In The Pipeline for Classic Wedding Car Hire

There are always a thousand things to organise for life events like weddings. Always Chauffeur is an up-close-and-personal company headed by Natalie. She fits in like a part of the family with the unique combination of natural, feminine intuition and savvy business acumen so you don’t put a foot wrong.Enjoy the testimonials for Always Chauffeur and contact us in good time for your event. Be assured we’ll get you all there on time for your wedding day

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