More than one wedding to plan?

When there are a few daughters in the family, the date has been set for their weddings, however far apart, but as always one thing the bridal party will need, and that is a car or cars.

Many families always have a car for the bridesmaids, and Mother of the bride, and then car for themselves and Dad. Normally from the family home, so different outfits, different photos, different ideas, but the cars are the same company, but in a different order.
Ceremony and reception is in a completely different location, but always the family cars to tag along as well.

So which order would you have your cars in? How many passengers would you need to transport? Don’t forget Mum and especially Dad, he has transport to the ceremony, but none to the reception. Make sure he can hop into someone’s car, or have left his car at the ceremony location earlier that day.

Do you need a car for bridesmaids?

Why have a bridesmaids car? Why not let them get there of their own accord? The easiest answer to this is that Bridesmaids are chosen to do a job on your Wedding day. They are there to help you get ready, sort out your dress, shoes etc. To hold your dress, make sure you don’t forget your flowers, prepare your dress for photos. By having a car, they will be there when you leave, so they can help you into the car, make sure you have everything, and hold an umbrella for you if it is raining, then their car can leave just after you have got into your car. Their car then gets to the ceremony, just before you, so as to help the other end.

bride and bridesmaids
Bridesmaids car

It is always a good idea to have a Maid of Honour, so she can organise the other Bridesmaids so as to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Let them talk to the Chauffeur on the Wedding day, so everyone knows what they are doing on the day, and it all goes to plan, so everyone know what is happening, and the Bride has nothing to worry about.

Experience is valuable

Always Chauffeur has many years of experience helping Bridesmaids. We can help you to make a plan for your wedding transport to ensure everything runs smoothly, and everyone is where they need to be. Always happy to help, please get in touch if you’d like to talk about the cars that you will need. You can always make an appointment to visit our cars, sometimes it helps to see them to make a plan.

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