Bridal Hair

You know it very well, it’s up top! If you’ve had it for years; you should be able to guide as to how it will look. Are extensions an option?

Bridal hair, this is a market that is massive. Do you use your own hairdresser you have used for years? The person that you trust fully with what you look like, they know how your hair goes, how it falls, and how you like it. Do you pay for them to come to the whole event, so you can have them look after you all day?
Should you source one from a wedding fair, friend or online? How do you choose? What about if you have no idea at all about what you want on your Special day.
Do you have ladies come to the house to do your hair, your Mum’s hair, and then Bridesmaids etc. so you can all chat together? Or would you prefer to all go off in a mini bus together to have your hair done at the local salon?

There are many options, it just depends on what suits you.

Perfect Bridal Hair
Beautiful hat for a bride

Try A New Look

Most important is a trial day, book the hairdresser to come to you, or at the salon. Take everyone that will be having their hair done on your wedding day, also take any head pieces that are being worn on the day, so you see what they look like. If you plan when items need to arrive you can be organised for your trial day.

Suggestions for timings of your hair trial is about a month before the wedding date. This means if things need to change you can do it before, and not be stressed.

On my Wedding day, I choose the hair dresser that I have used, and have known for the past 15 plus years. We had great times years ago, dying our hair blonde.. I wore a hat on my Wedding day, possibly a mistake, as it flattened my hair. Luckily our friend was a hairdresser, so all was fixed, phew! My amazing hairdresser is local to me, so I snuck off on the morning of the Wedding to get my hair done.

Strawberries and champagne

Thank you to the amazing Diane Cheshire of @Dinamix hair & beauty for all of your efforts, and the amazing champagne, chocolates, and strawberries on arrival.

Convertible Wedding Cars That Save The Brides Hairstyle

Once your hair is looking perfect you want it to stay that way! Our 1920’s Bramwith 6 seater vintage convertible wedding car won’t mess your hair up on the way to the church or registry office. Even with the top down you will look perfect! This is because only the rear section of the roof folds down, so the air flows over the car without troubling the passangers in the back. It really is a great way to arrive in style, as everyone can see you looking your best.

Convertible wedding car

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