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Wedding Wisdom

At Always Chauffeur we have experienced wedding car chauffeurs as well as well maintained classic wedding cars. We know our experience and wisdom built from helping bridal parties for years is as valuable as our beautiful wedding cars, so this on this page we want to share some of our wisdom.

Hooray…Weddings are back

Hooray..30 people… Weddings are backThe “C” word, & the “W” word.. So Coronavirus stopped them, but now Weddings are back. Admittedly in a small number of only 30 people, including photographers etc, but they are back… At least now you can tie the knot with the man or lady in your life. The one you love, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It seems to have been years having to wait for this announcement, but it is finally here, and it was only a matter of months. Hair, makeup, cake, wedding car, photos, dress, suit, rings, all the standard items and more on your special day, everything can now be arranged again.So what has changed other than the amount of people able to attend your wedding? Possibly the location of your Reception. Also how many cars you have, whether you have decided to split the Ceremony, and Reception into different dates.Whatever you have decided to do, you have done it together, as new decision make by both of you. The final choice as single...

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Choose Classic Wedding Car Hire to Tie the Knot

Classic wedding car hire is very likely something you didn’t factor in when you were little and pictured yourself on your wedding day. Your attention would have been on your fairy-tale dress, your hair, the classic antique white roses with petals everywhere. Or maybe your handsome prince sweeping you off your feet on that one magical day. Now that you’re all grown up and it’s actually happening you realise just how important getting to the wedding venue with your hair and gown intact actually is. You understand now, when it comes to classic wedding car hire scenarios, that a summer wedding means you’ll need gentle air conditioning, so you arrive cool, calm and collected. You may want an open, topless vintage car if spring is in the air and there’s no gale force wind predicted. Having trustworthy, chauffeur-driven classic wedding car hire for your very real wedding day will complete the picture to make your dreams come true. Your groom too will have figured how hiring a classic...

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Classic Wedding Car Hire Takes the Cake

Classic Wedding Car Hire Solutions to Bridal FAQs We, at Always Chauffeur, have put together a list of the top seven concerns brides have repeatedly expressed, hoping they will put your mind at rest. Take a look: 1.Reliability The pragmatic bride wants every contingency covered, so we are often asked a few ‘what if’s, such as; ‘What if the car selected malfunctions on the day?’‘What if it was in an accident the day before?’‘What if the chauffeur calls in sick?’ Have no fear, should mechanical or unexpected problems occur for you choice of classic wedding car, we will get it fixed before your special day to fulfil your personal requests. Remember too, that we have other cars and other qualified chauffeurs we can supply on the day, if the unexpected happens. 2.Timings This is one of the foremost matters to talk over right from the get - go when first booking a wedding hire car. Over the ensuing months, as more plans come together, keep us, the classic wedding car hire people, in the...

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Wedding Transport – What often gets overlooked or goes wrong?

When planning the transport section of your special wedding day, you need to consider a few things: For simplicity let’s just deal with family members & Bridesmaids. In retrospect this seems obvious, so we wanted to share it with you so you can learn from other people’s mistakes. You have all arrived at the church. Bridesmaids, yourself, your dad all in the Classic Wedding Car together. You have had a great gossip, some excited giggles, have confirmed the order to walk down the aisle and are all set. We fast forward and ceremony is now over so who goes where and when? Think about the practically of the day.. Your Mum and Dad One is going to be in floods of happy tears and the other reaching for the sherry to calm their nerves (you would be surprised you can never really tell which way around this will be! ) You decide your mum & dad need a taxi to the reception, great idea. But what about the Bridesmaids? It’s not very romantic with the in the car with you on the way to the...

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