1966 Convertible Ford Mustang

This gorgeous metallic white 1966 Ford Mustang convertible, certainly makes a retro, stylish statement to any wedding. Ford really got the styling perfect with the ’66 convertible. When a bride or groom arrives at a wedding in this Mustang it really is a photographers dream. With a V8 engine and a retractable roof, the car both sounds and looks the part. This Mustang is one of our most popular mustangs so please do enquire as early as possible to secure this car for your wedding.

Our 1966 Ford Mustang (Sally) came over from the States in 2015 and is a true thoroughbred that is here to stay. Her class was recognised by the MD of Vodafone when she was in his private collection and now he has moved away we have the honour of adding her to our collection so that you all have the opportunity to enjoy her classic looks.

The Mustang, will be staged in white, & with blue stripes , has been sympathetic upgraded to ensure safety and comfort while keeping the classic looks.

The front suspension and brakes have been upgraded to ensure a smooth ride and safe stopping distance, as has the power of the 5litre engine.  More power (giving a smoother ride) than the average Mustang also gives a great exhaust note which ranges from a lovely V8 burble at idle to a head turning V8 roar!

The Mustang has also been fitted front and rear lap belts (for safety without spoiling the all important photos.)

The original radio has been rebuilt to keep the same look, but with new modern features

The car also benefits from a power soft top, enabling us to very quickly drop or raise the roof in 10-15 seconds to allow you to travel wind free, dropping the top for photo opportunities and allowing you to arrive in style.
We also carry 2 white umbrellas with us to ensure your wedding party arrives at the door as they safe and dry.

You are more than welcome to come and view the Mustang either prior to, or after booking the car.



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